Thursday, September 15, 2011

Favela Chic - London's Shoreditch Area

So, based on my last post, it is evident that we spent a lot of time in London's Shoreditch area.  This used to be one of the poorest neighborhoods in London, but many artists and musicians called it home.  When London's mainstream started catching on to the vibrant artsy scene in this area, many trendy bars, cafes and shops started popping up.  Since around 1996, Shoreditch has become a popular and fashionable part of London.  This area continues with the gentrification process, and many developers have already purchased blocks of old buildings to knock them down and erect high end hotels, among other developments.

In any case, during our stroll through the area, we stumbled into this really cute resto-bar / music venue called Favela Chic.  They've tried to re-create Brazil's favelas in Shoreditch by placing all sorts of found items throughout the place, and adding different colored light bulbs.  It all works somehow to give this place a good feeling.

After eating some of their delicious Pao de Queijo, we were getting ready to leave, but heard a sound check for a band that would be playing later on that night - Strangefruit.  We were instant fans! Their sound is inspired by Bob Dylan and Billie Holiday, and the lead singer's voice is so mesmerizing.  We ended up staying just to hear them...and I'm so happy we did! Check them out for yourselves....

My video (taken with a point and shoot camera) does not do them justice (but I really liked the song), so better yet, see their professional videos...

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  1. whoww that was very good....I like sounded very different from music that I usually hear..and I like Kool.