Monday, December 12, 2011

Freaky FrenetiCore

The FrenetiCore theater (, is located in the Second Ward, and is "a non-profit organization that offers creative community experiences to the public through the presentation and promotion of original theater, dance, film, and providing an accessible, affordable venue for the exhibition of performing and visual arts; offers adult and children’s outreach programs; and produces a yearly Fringe festival to promote cutting-edge theater, dance, film, music, and visual arts."

The concept behind this theater is great.  It gives creative people a venue in which to share their artistic endeavors.  And, not only does it provide a venue, it also handles the promotion of the event. 

The space is fantastic, and I could definitely see why it would have a serious fan following.  There is a large bar code painted on the entry door, which so happens to be found in a dark, narrowish, street off Navigation, which makes discovering the theater seem like finding some really cool underground speakeasy.  They sell beer and wine, and a few overpriced snacks. 

The theater space is really intimate.  There are probably around 50 seats, each with its own foldable mini-desk, from pre-laptop college days.  

For our first show at the FrenetiCore, we saw Tenderina, which is the surreal story of a stripper nicknamed the Girl Matador, who has a change of heart, presented through magical realism / poetry???!!!  It is a combination of film, dance and play.  I think that the review in the Houston Press really sums it up(, and I'm glad I wasn't the only one that felt confused about what we saw.

Tenderina, the "Girl Matador"

Regardless of my feelings about Tenderina, the entire experience was fantastic and memorable, from finding the place to seeing the performance in your face in the awesome space that is the FrenetiCore Theater. 

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